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Creative communications

The combination of visuals & words to create impact and action is an art and a science.

I’ve practiced this through design, writing and publishing over many years with results that have increased attention, profits and audience understanding for clients and employers.


iola bookazine is a women’s lifestyle magazine. A high-quality bookazine with articles of hope from international female writers, beautiful photography & creative prompts. We have published five issues.
See iola and other published projects here.


Writing for different audiences and mediums so that your people engage is a specialist skill and important for your company. I write articles for print publications, online SEO-friendly articles, sales copy, and on-brand marketing materials all with the intended audience in mind. Examples.


The combination of visual media and words is the most powerful way to communicate effectively. There is an art to effective placement on a page or a screen that goes beyond knowing how to use the software. I’ve practiced this for over 20 years in design for print and web. Examples.